Discover why your decision-making style is keeping you stuck (and how to fix it!)

Each day, we make hundreds of decisions about our lives, decisions that require us to balance internal and external noise.

What do I mean by "noise"?

INTERNAL NOISE refers to our personal experiences, expectations, beliefs, hopes, and desires that influence and impact our decisions and actions.  

EXTERNAL NOISE refers to the experiences, expectations, beliefs, hopes, and desires of other people (including—but not limited to—friends, family, associates, and strangers) that influence our decisions and actions.  

I've identified four styles to describe how we typically navigate the decision-making process and how we factor in this noise:

The River in Egypt (pronounced "Denial”) style

The Yes, No, Maybe style

The Spectator style

The Martyr style

Which style do you tend to use most often? Let's find out.

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